Establish the UFPDC Prostate Cancer Advisory Council and lead the advisory council in developing and implementing strategies to improve outreach and education and thereby reduce the number of patients who develop prostate cancer.

  1. Specifically, the UFPDC Prostate Cancer Advisory Council shall:
  2. Present prostate-cancer-related policy recommendations to the Department of Health and other appropriate governmental entities.
  3. Assess the accuracy of prostate cancer information disseminated to the public.
  4. Develop effective communication channels among all private and public entities in the state involved in prostate cancer education, research, treatment, and patient advocacy.
  5. Plan, develop, and implement activities designed to heighten awareness and educate residents of the state, especially those in underserved areas.
  6. Disseminate information about recent progress in prostate cancer research and the availability of clinical trials.
  7. Minimize health disparities through outreach and education.
  8. Communicate best practice principles with physicians involved in the care of patients with prostate cancer.
  9. Establish a communication platform for patients and their advocates.

The UFPDC Prostate Cancer Advisory Council’s progress on the legislatively mandated scope of work and recommendations for legislative changes necessary to decrease the incidence of prostate cancer, decrease racial/ethnic disparities, and promote strategies for successful outreach and education shall be reported, via a formal annual report, to the Governor, the President of the Senate, and the Speaker of the House by January 15th of each year.

Prostate Cancer Advisory Council

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