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Welcome to the University of Florida Prostate Disease Center

This center, the only program of its kind in the state of Florida and adjacent states, conducts cutting edge research for the discovery of advanced treatment methods for patients suffering from prostate and urogenital diseases. Among the key focus areas of the Center are cancer vaccines directed against prostate cancer, which have most recently shown therapeutic success in phase III trials, and the identification of cancer genes or gene products that can be exploited for molecular diagnosis and therapy. It is the aim of the center to better diagnose and treat prostate and other urogenital diseases in earlier stages, and also find ways to push forth new treatment modalities. The Center is committed to finding new gene and protein signatures that predict disease course and response to standard therapy before it actually happens. Another important activity of the Center is the examination of statewide patterns of patient care, determination of variations in outcome, and recommendation for improvements in quality and factors facilitating optimum decision-making. There is currently a lack of critical data in the State of Florida regarding how care is provided, and how effective that care is. The center is committed to analyzing potential gaps in healthcare, finding innovative ways to address unmet medical needs, addressing healthcare disparities, and identifying other obstacles that might impede effective and efficient prostate care.