Wine Making Physician Supports Prostate Cancer Research

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Robert Hollander, a VA staff physician for 35 years, respected clinical teacher and an Asst. Clinical Professor with the Department of Medicine, started small volume wine making in 2007.  His initial goal was to produce his preferred explosive style of Zinfandel and Syrah-based Rhone-style blend.  The award-winning Zinpiphany© Zinfandel and Rhone-styled #2red were the result.

Following the diagnosis of incurable prostate cancer he created the Robert and Susan Hollander Foundation, an IRS approved 501c3 non-profit supporting prostate cancer research.  Since then, all proceeds from his wine making efforts at 2redWinery have been committed to supporting prostate cancer research.

The Campaign

Dr. Hollander is currently crowd funding his 2016 wines on Indiegogo  with supporters receiving his award-winning wine as reward.   Your tax-deductible support allows Dr. Hollander to continue to produce great wines while supporting prostate cancer research.

About 3 million men are living in America right now with prostate cancer and about 28000 will die this year.   Prostate cancer will affect about 1 in 7 men over their lifetime, someone you may already know.

Support Dr. Hollander’s Campaign Here.

This campaign ends on 7/22/2016.